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Shroud of the Aether

The death of a character. These words strike dread into players and DMs alike. At best, the party has a cleric with raise dead prepared, and the game can continue. At worst, the player is sidelined for the rest of the adventure, until the party can return to town. But what if there were some way to keep the character in the game and the player involved? What if... she became a ghost?

Introducing Shroud of the Aether. Undeath, with class!

Chains of Shadow

Some ghosts are not content to lurk in the shadows as mere haunts and corrupters. They peer deep into a twilight world, one that conceals mysteries and powers beyond the knowledge or ability of the corporeal.

Chains of Shadow provides eighteen new feats specifically designed for such ghosts; those who desire to dwell between light and dark, take and shape the shadows around them, and master umbral powers of both creation and destruction.

Chains of the Phantom

Some ghosts prefer deceit over destruction, control over corruption. Their power lies in the strength of their mind, though not over matter. They view telekinesis as a mere parlour trick, a wild talent fit only for barbarians accustomed to throwing and breaking things. Instead, they use their power to affect the minds of others, altering the perception of reality itself to mislead and influence.

Chains of the Phantom provides eighteen new feats specifically designed for such ghosts; those who desire to beguile the mind, deceive the senses, and wield hallucination like a fine blade.

Chains of the Spirit

Some ghosts spend their afterlife in quiet meditation instead of mischief and malevolence. They study spirituality from a unique perspective, pursuing a deeper understanding of their own nature and a heightened awareness of the cosmos around them.

Chains of the Spirit provides nineteen new feats specifically designed for such ghosts; those who desire to transcend their remaining ties to the material world, expand their conscious minds, and seek enlightenment.

Lineage of Earth

A dark-eyed elvish sorcerer who draws her spells from the deep wells of power of the earth. A warrior monk with skin like granite, whose blows shatter the armor and bones of his foes. A kobold cleric with a halo of glittering quartz, whose divine spells are amplified by the earth-shaking power flowing through his veins. They are elekin, the elemental planetouched.

Lineage of Earth provides three bloodline classes for such characters; those who are descended from outsiders of elemental earth, whose family trees begin at the roots of mountains.

Lineage of Earth also includes five lineage feats, twelve general feats, three prestige classes, and ten sample encounters.